Daniel Palillo (b. 1981) is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. He operates in the moment, working fluidly across the art and design disciplines.


If there is a theme that runs through Pallillo’s work, it is a constant freedom of expression, whether in choice of material, issue, or aesthetic. The blending of craft traditions, fine art, and global culture concerns is the norm. With no preconceptions on what exactly each art project might end up like, Palillo relies on the subconscious voices that give him a sense of direction. Palillo talks about matters of life and its experience. He expresses his deeper messages through vibrant combinations and cascades of primary colours combined with abstract and figurative imagery. Palillo’s dreamy style and futuristic perspective of life often blur the lines between fiction and reality.

He often expresses himself through playful characters. At first glance, the characters that compose Palillo’s works may seem infantile, brutish or naïf. They are usually contorted and bear stark grimaces that clash with the cheerful colour palette. The more closely the characters are observed, the uncannier they often start to appear.

Palillo’s career as a creator has always made it difficult to draw a demarcation between different media, such as fashion and the visual arts. He gained global recognition as an avant-garde fashion designer through his eponymous fashion line between 2006-2015. His eccentric designs have gained a cult-like following, especially in Asia.

Palillo’s works have been exhibited, e.g., at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chengdu), Beit Ha’ir Museum (Tel Aviv), The Hole (New York), Powerlong Museum (Shanghai), Times Art Museum (Beijing), Artron Art Museum (Shenzhen), and Aetopoulos (Athens). He has collaborated with various global brands such as Quiksilver, Nio, ZucZug and Roxy.